Monday 9th October - Innovation

Venue: Engine Shed, Bristol, BS1 6QH

Time: 8:00-9:00am

We are so pleased to be collaborating with Forrest Brown to bring you this event. Forrest Brown are the UK's leading specialist R&D tax adviser, offering unmatched technical expertise.

Kick start Bristol Tech Festival with our interactive session where we'll explore the vibrant landscape of innovation within Bristol's thriving tech sector. This event brings together industry experts, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts to delve into the most pressing topics that are reshaping Bristol's tech ecosystem. 

  • Sustainable Innovation: Tech Solutions for a Greener Bristol - Discuss how the tech sector in Bristol can contribute to the city's sustainability goals through innovative solutions. 
  • Collaboration vs. Competition: How Can Bristol's Tech Companies Work Together to Foster Innovation? - Debate the pros and cons of collaboration among tech companies in Bristol to drive innovation compared to a more competitive approach.
  • The Future of Bristol's Tech Innovation: Emerging Trends and Predictions - Predict the future directions of innovation in Bristol's tech sector, considering emerging technologies and trends. 
  • The Role of Innovation in Bristol's Tech Success - Discuss how innovation has played a crucial role in shaping Bristol's tech sector and its growth. 

This event if the perfect way to start your day, with the chance to meet like-minded individuals from the tech community, and share plans for the upcoming week.

Pastries and hot drinks will be provided to fuel and energise you for the day ahead. 

About The Ghyston Breakfast Club

Kick start each day of the Bristol Tech Festival with the Ghyston Breakfast Club. Throughout the week we are bringing together tech leaders from around the region to share their ideas and experiences on the topic of the day over a croissant and coffee!