The CEO's Guide to AI in 2023: Part 1


Barely a day goes by without artificial intelligence (AI) making headlines. From doomsday predictions of AI leading to the extinction of humanity, to stories of skyrocketing company valuations, it's no wonder that business leaders are both excited and cautious about AI's potential.

As CEOs, you understand the importance of leveraging AI. In fact, a recent study by Gartner found that CEOs consider AI the most impactful technology for the third consecutive year. However, navigating through the hype and figuring out how to get started can be a challenge shared by many.

One of the reasons for this challenge is the abundance of AI-enabled tools available. As a CEO, how do you ensure your organization effectively and productively adopts relevant AI tools, especially when there's a shortage of AI skills due to the novelty of this technology?

Our four-part guide is here to help. Download the part 1 here to find out why you need everyone in your business to get a basic understanding of how AI could help in their role.

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